Extremely Rare Early 17C Bronze Thai Ayuttaya Buddha # DW032

The knife from Luang Pho Derm, Nong Pho Lancet Temple, The beast one Of talismans.#DW430


Price : US$10,000



One of the best large Mitmor "Magical knife" of Luang Pho Derm, Nong Pho Temple. Mitmor of Luang Pho Derm, Nong Pho Mitmor Temple is the 1st place of talismans. Ps. Mitmor is a magical knife. Hello, dear reader, Luang Pho Dok, Nong Pho Temple is a very famous and everyone will know him. In the days he created many sacred objects for many pupils, such as a coin, a statue of a lion, a statue of a lion, a Nagkwag, a talisman cloth, and a Mitmor. Luang Pho Derm studied how to create Mitmor from Luang Pho Kham, Wat Khao Kaeo, Phayuha Khiri District, Nakhon Sawan. Later, he creates a Mitmor. The creation of knives in the early days, he created a large knife for his mahout. The length is a man arm. it In the later days, often referred to as Elephant mahout knife. Later he made a small knife that can carry in the shirt pocket.

Wat Nong Pho's mitmor was created by an ancient nail that used to hold the wood in the temple and nails of the coffin, that the Undertaker burned, then kept the broken bowl and iron. It's used as an ingredient to make Mitmor. The technician who builds Mitmor of Luang Por Kao was Chan Kin, Chan Kai, and Chan Sorn. That is found to be a skilled technician. Each part created step by step and different technician and silversmith. The process was forging, handle creating and decorating. If it's a large knife, there will be decorated in detail. They sent it to the silversmith to make the sheath and to decorate the handle. Most of it decorated with silver. When everything is done, it will be assembled at Wat Nong Pho. Luang Pho Derm will make the powder Mixed with the hair of Luang Pho, which was cut down on the 15th day of the night Packed into the handle of the knife, filled with wax. After that, Luang Pho Derm bringing the Mitmor to chanted again.

Mitmor, Luang Pho Derm, Wat Nong Pho is good in everything such as invincible, Protect you from occult Overrun and black magic, prevent evil ghosts. Many people experienced such a case. When we traveling think of Luang Pho and chan

"Sakkasawas Chirawutangsawan Wanasakathawutthang Achawakatasawut Yamasinnawutthang Nanaiya Chakkaratrawut Panyarawutthanang Atsang Anuphawena Punya, Awuthanang, Phakkapak, Khongwijunnangvichanalomang, Mamea Phuttha Santi Kajcha, Amuthihokaseetthi, " " สักก ัสสะ วชิราวุทธัง เวสสุวันนะสะคะธาวุทธัง อาฬาวะกะธุสาวุทธัง ยะมะสะนัยนาวุทธัง ณารายยะสะจักกะราวุทธัง ปัญจะอาวุทธานัง เอเตสังอานุภาเวนะ ปัญ จะอาวุทธานัง ภัคคะภัคขา วิจุณนัง วิจุณนาโลมังมาเมนะ พุทธะสันติ คัจฉะอะมุทหิ โอกาเสติฐาหิ"าเสติฐาหิ"

The prohibition of the Mitmor is to kill animals, in case to self-defense, misusing such as bullying other people, Cheating other wives. If it is not necessary, do not let a woman who has a period around being a Mitmor of Luang Por Kao. In the present, the Mitmor of Luang Pho is very rare. An impostor separates the knife into two part, blade and the handle. Then they making a single knife to two copies knife and sold to someone. The original Mitmor is costly and very rare.