We are a small, but long established, family business. Over the past 40 years our family has built up many contacts in South-east Asia and we now have access to over 200 dealers and private collectors specializing in rare Buddha images. Many items have never been on the Asian art market before and come from obscure private collections. Many are more beautiful than any as yet published and some are rarer than those in museums. We aim to provide a clear and easy to navigate website that places emphasis on the spiritual and artistic beauty of our items while maintaining a modern minimalist appearance that is both practical and relaxing to look at.

Making a purchase could not be easier. Just browse our Gallery and if you are interested in buying something just email us. We will then tell you the price of the item with shipping plus insurance. If you wish to go ahead we will send you payment details and get the item shipped to you. You can then pay us by wire money to our bank account.

Packing and shipping is arranged by our Singapore office and we can arrange a 7 day door-to-door delivery for you. We use Fedex and Priority Air Mail but will not be personally liable for any damages, losses or consequences of any kind. If you wish us to arrange shipping and insurance for you, you must agree to these terms.We will send you a tracking number so that you can track your purchase online at every stage. If you choose our free shipping promotion for multiple purchases, delivery to your port will take about three weeks.

 If you purchase several items, we will give you free port to port delivery (which takes about 21 days) if they total between one and five cubic metres. The minimum requirement for free shipping is one cubic metre and the maximum is five cubic metres. Unlike air mail, port to port is not a door to door delivery. So you will need to retrieve the shipment from your local port yourself or employ a broker. As a service to you we can also locate a local broker near to you if required. You will need to pay a broker for his services in your country but in most cases this would still be a lot less than paying for a one to five cubic metre door to door delivery by air.

Your purchase is guaranteed to be a genuine antique. This cover lasts for one year from the date of purchase but is not re-signable to a third party. We will send you a full refund of the item price, but not for any other costs, if you have absolute proof that an item is not genuine and if you return it to us in the same condition in which it was sent.

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Many thanks to take the time to read this information and we hope you enjoy browsing the website.