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Antique Buddha Sculpture, Buddha Statues, Buddha Images and Art
19C Wood Shan Burma Buddha #A113



DESCRIPTION: Buddha sitting with legs crossed at the ankles, with his right hand on the knee and the left in his lap

(Vajrasana and the Bhumisparsa mudra).

Usually interpreted as the Buddha calling the earth to witness his good deeds in front of Mara

PERIOD: 19th century


RARITY AND CONDITION: Extremely rare, good condition, some possible cleaning / restoration,
expected day to day wear (see photos)

HEIGHT IN INCHES: 20.5"(52cm)
WIDTH / LENGTH: 9.5"(24cm)
WEIGHT IN KILOS: Over 05klg.

PROVENANCE: Acquired from a Burmese collector
EVALUATION APPRAISAL: A valuable addition to any serious collection



Price: US$3500.00


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