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**Early 19C Mandalay Statue Hermit Lersi #A132**





































Early 19C Mandalay Statue Hermit Lersi #A132

CAT NO. A132

DESCRIPTION: a person living in solitude as a religious discipline.hermit Add to list Share. You hear about hermits more often than you meet one, and that's because a hermit is someone who likes to be alone, far from people, sometimes because of their religious beliefs or maybe because they simply want some privacy.

PERIOD: Early 19th century

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Mandalay , Burma



HEIGHT IN INCHES:23/25"( 58/64cm.)
WIDTH / LENGTH:25/16.5" ( 64/42cm.) Deep : 6.5/7.5" ( 16/19cm.)
WEIGHT IN KILOS: Over 15klg.

PRICE: US$15,000.00

Such pieces are extremely rare and almost never come on the market

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