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19C Sitting Tai-Yai Burma Buddha #CA061














19C Sitting Tai-Yai Burma Buddha #CA061


Cat No. CA061

DESCRIPTION:Buddha sitting with legs crossed at the ankles, with finger and thumb touching

(Vajrasana and the vitarka mudra). Usually interpreted as the Buddha giving teaching

PERIOD: Early 19th century

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Shan (Tai-Yai) , Burma


RARITY AND CONDITION: Extremely rare, good condition, some possible cleaning / restoration,

expected day to day wear (see photos)

HEIGHT IN INCHES: 20" (51cm)
WIDTH / LENGTH: 09" (23cm)
WEIGHT IN KILOS: over 03klg.

PROVENANCE: Acquired from a Burmese collector
EVALUATION APPRAISAL: A classic piece and a must for any collection.
Beautiful coloring and a fine quality piece.



Price: US$2,700.00


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