Extremely Rare 19C Mandalay Burmese Manuscript Cabinet #CH231

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Extremely Rare Early 19C Bronze Thai Rattanakosin Buddha # DW205

























Extremely Rare Early 19C Rattanakosin Buddhist Chest #A119




Extremely Rare Early 19C Rattanakosin Buddhist Chest #A119
































Burmese Buddhist bible chest. Classic style of Burmeseart.

The book case (Too-Phra-Tamma) used for storing Buddhist texts written in Pali.

The chests represents Rama , Vishnu etc. Usually feature scenes or motifs from the life of the Buddha.

An imposing piece with very strong presence.A very impressive, museum quality piece, with stunning workmanship and beautiful detail.


HEIGHT IN INCHES:62.8" (159.5 CM)
WIDTH / LENGTH:48.3" (123.5CM)
DEEP: 28"

PRICE: US$23,000.00

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