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#statue #sculpture #antiquebuddhas 3antiquebuddha



#statue #sculpture #antiquebuddhas 3antiquebuddha




#statue #sculpture #antiquebuddhas 3antiquebuddha



#statue #sculpture #antiquebuddhas 3antiquebuddha


16C Yak Sri Yaksa Sangkhalok #CH269


Mythological figures often represented visually in a pair, the yaksha and yakshi are found across early Buddhist, Jain and Hindu art. Yakshas are male figures, and yakshis are their female counterparts.

They were believed to be spirits that inhabited trees, mountains, rock mounds, rivers, and oceans.

The yakshas were generally benevolent to humans and were said to be the custodians of treasures hidden in the earth and in the roots of trees. The female yaksha, or yakshi, was often depicted as a heavily jeweled fertility figure.

PERIOD: 16th century

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Sukolthai Thailand (Sukhothai was the political and administrative capital of the first Kingdom of Siam in the 13th and 15th centuries. Si Satchanalai was the spiritual center of the kingdom and the site of numerous temples and Buddhist monasteries. Si Satchanalai was also the centre of the all-important ceramic export industry.)

CONSTRUCTION: Sangkhalok (Sangkhalok ceramic wares are ancient Thai traditional ceramic wear specifically derived from Sukhothai kingdom period.)



Old things kept from generation to generation, worshiped and preserved well. It is suitable for worship or home decoration.

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