Wua Thanu (cow protect) #OF002

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Wua Thanu (cow protect) #OF002

Wua Thanu, Ajarn Nen Wiset Singkham, Pasak Temple, San Pa Tong, year 1976, beautiful, champion  Legend of a bull and arrow running into the bowl  The size of the chanting ceremony in the middle of the cemetery  Wua Thanu, Ajarn Nen Wiset Singkam, created in 1976, this sacred object is second to none, with the history being told so far.  Master Nen chanted these bow oxen in the cemetery of Ban Pa Sak for 2 times. 

Chanting a deserted temple on the mountain  Chom Thong District 1 term  As he was chanting the agenda in the middle of the cemetery, the villagers heard the sound of cows running around the cemetery.  And cows and arrows with copper meat running against each other in the alms bowl that he used to consecrate  In which he awakened a tiger in him against a bull that ran in the bowl  Until a copper bow bull flew from the monk (and there was a sound of the arrow of the bull running around the cemetery  Until it is rumored to this day Archer, the magic that is so popular to the present, and the message that he wrote  "This cow is the cow that created the cemetery. 

More valuable than an ox and an arrow. Anyone who loses money should not be a person.  We love it even more as a master teacher. "He has only one version in 1976 with two meat.  Cow  The number of creations is 99, one part of the cows are given to the creator of 14 people and the bows of the copper black.  Build number 2,999

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