19C Large Burmese Burmese Pagodas #OF009

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Fantastic 19C Wood Burmese Sculpture #OF009

19C Large Burmese Burmese Pagodas #OF009


Burmese pagodas are stupas that house Buddhist relics. Burmese pagoda can be subdivided into three parts: Phaya is the top-most part of the pagoda; the solid part or bell-shaped is generally referred to Zedi, and the hollow square or rectangle buildings that are built to resemble the caves are Pahto.

This Buddhist architecture is prominent features in Burma's landscape, that' why the country is also known as the land of pagodas. There are several cities that have the abundance of pagodas and one of them is Yangon region.

In Yagoon region, there is mainly four important pagoda constructed in the different areas.

These are Botahtaung Pagoda, Kaba Aye Pagoda or World Peace Pagoda, Shwedagon Pagoda, and Sule Pagoda.

PERIOD: 19th century



HEIGHT IN INCHES: 39"(100cm)
WIDTH / LENGTH: 40" (71cm)
WEIGHT IN KILOS: Over 10klg.

EVALUATION APPRAISAL: In wonderful condition with excellent quaility workmanship of the highest order.

A little weathered as to be expected but still a very desirable item.

PRICE: US$2700.00

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