Pair Of 19C Wood Burmese Sculpture #OF002

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Phra Phaya Garuda, (Xngkh phya khruth) #CA1072

Phra Phaya Garuda, worshiping Phra Ajarn Warah, Wat Pho Thong, open treasures  The beginning of the legend of Garuda, the noble god of wealth, wealth and wealth  Above all gods  Most powerful  He has never defeated anyone, never gets sick, and has high power, great power and wisdom. Even Vishnu respects each other by agreeing where Vishnu is  Lord Garuda will be higher  And when King Vishnu goes where  Garuda will be the vehicle for 

Also known as  "Vishnu Song Garuda" From the long past, Ancient people considered Lord Garuda and Lord Vishnu to be together.  Represent each other  And will use a picture of both of them with a marching flag  When there is a war  For the morale of victory over all enemies For those who worship the Lord Garuda  No contraindications  And no matter what year of birth, which zodiac will only sincerely respect you  Grateful to parents, teachers, will be successful in the work.  Promoted to the promotion, has merit and is loved by people close 

Also good in the trade  Increase money  Escape from danger  Protect you from occult beasts, imp Garuda powers can be classified into 8 things as follows: 

1. It is a great power.  It is a definite authority. 

2. Can erase the mystery and the occult at all.  The demon spirit is afraid to approach. 

3. It is a means of bringing prosperity.  Ranks to work life. 

4. Protect, protect  Defense is invulnerable 

5. Be great mercy. 

6. Bring peace and happiness. 

7. Make a good trade  Is a medium to bring good fortune 

8.Various tusks fang The fanged snake asked for the serpent, not daring to approach  Because he respects the prestige of Garuda

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